Resident Reward and Recertification Program

Programs available for 2016

2 days/16hrs of high-level and complex preparation to help you identify your knowledge gaps and supply you with resources for additional self-study for FREE. You will also get ASHP's practice exam for FREE and access to the Core Therapeutic Modules for FREE

In return, we ask that you continue your successful career path with ASHP and utilize our highly-praised recertification programs for your first certification cycle. The best news? Its only $10 a month. That's guaranteed to stay at $10 a month for the entire recertification cycle. The subscription offers more than the required recertification hours needed for your specialty AND it will save you hundreds!

The Resident Reward & Recertification Program will re-open in November.

The Details

  1. Select your specialty (Ambulatory Care, Critical Care, Pediatric Pharmacy, Pharmacotherapy)
  2. Fill out the following registration form and select either the online or live ASHP Review Course. The live review course covers the cost of registration and materials only—travel expenses are still on your own.
    1. Live Review: not currently available
    2. Online Review: available now
  3. Your credit card information will be taken—but NOT charged until January 2017 after your first recertification cycle begins. ($10 a month)
  4. If you do not pass the Fall 2016 exam—CONTACT ASHP'S CUSTOMER SERVICE AND YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED.
  5. During your first recertification cycle you will have unlimited access to our entire online catalog of recertification products including: literature modules, intensive studies, and our recertification course for only $10 a month! Saving you hundreds!
  6. For an additional $25 a month, lock in a highly discounted membership rate offered only to those who opt into this program. Join or renew now and keep this discounted membership rate as a special feature of this program.

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