ASHP Fellows

The ASHP Practitioner Recognition Program recognizes pharmacists who have excelled in pharmacy practice and distinguished themselves through service and contributions to ASHP.

The 2016 Fellows will be honored on Tuesday, June 14, 2016 during the ASHP Summer Meetings in Baltimore, Maryland.

2016 Fellows

Please congratulate the following individuals on being named ASHP Fellows for 2016.

  • R. David Anderson (Virginia)
  • Brian G. Baird (Virginia)
  • David G. Bowyer (West Virginia)
  • Jeffrey M. Brewer (New York)
  • Larry W. Buie (New York)
  • Mary Choy (New York)
  • Daniel D. Degnan (Indiana)
  • Christina E. DeRemer (Georgia)
  • Katelyn R. Dervay (Florida)
  • Francine A. Farnsworth (Delaware)
  • Denise C. Fields (Indiana)
  • Jason E. Glowczewski (Ohio)
  • Julie A. Groppi (Florida)
  • Paul H. Juang (Missouri)
  • Trisha  LaPointe (Massachusetts)
  • Molly  Leber (Connecticut)
  • Carlo  Lupano (New Jersey)
  • Timothy W. Lynch (Washington)
  • Michele L. Matthews (Massachusetts)
  • Gayle A. Mayer (Iowa)
  • Michael J. Melroy (Georgia)
  • Linda A. Nelson (Rhode Island)
  • Asad E. Patanwala (Arizona)
  • Rachana J. Patel (Colorado)
  • Mitchell A. Pelter (California)
  • Beth B. Phillips (Georgia)
  • Holly J. Phillips (Colorado)
  • Anne Policastri (Kentucky)
  • Edward C. Rainville (Illinois)
  • Ryan K. Roux (Texas)
  • Gloria P. Sachdev (Indiana)
  • Mollie A. Scott (North Carolina)
  • Pamela L. Stamm (Georgia)
  • Mark Sullivan (Tennessee)
  • Jennifer Tryon (Illinois)
  • Suzanne M. Turner (Florida)
  • David B. Weetman (Iowa)

Current and Past Recipients

Call for Applications

Candidates for ASHP's Practitioner Recognition Program must be practitioner members of ASHP with a record of outstanding service to ASHP and at least ten years of professional service to hospital and health-system pharmacy.

Additional eligibility requirements include:

  • Demonstration of sustained commitment or contributions to excellence in health-system pharmacy
  • Contribution to the total body of knowledge in hospital and health-system pharmacy
  • Involvement in and commitment to educating practitioners and others
  • Demonstration of active involvement and leadership in ASHP and other professional organizations

Application Instructions

Application materials are accepted July 1 through October 1 each year. The annual deadline for receipt of all materials is October 1.

The deadline for submitting FASHP applications has passed. The 2016 Guidelines, Application, and Recommendation Form will be posted by July 1, 2016. You may contact Office of Member Relations staff member Rachael McGarry with any questions at or 301-664-8789.

Selection Committee

The ASHP Practitioner Recognition Program is conducted under the general authority of the ASHP Board of Directors.  ASHP's FASHP Recognition Committee is responsible for the administration of the program and for maintaining quality assurance.  The work of the Committee includes reviewing the completed application files of all candidates and recommending to the ASHP Board of Directors the approval or disapproval of their recognition.  Pharmacists designated as Fellows of ASHP (FASHP) are recognized at the ASHP Summer Meetings.

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