ASHP's New Logo and Tagline

Why the New Logo?

Much has changed in healthcare since ASHP was founded nearly 75 years ago. When ASHP was founded in 1942, our members exclusively worked in hospital settings. But today, ASHP represents over 40,000 pharmacists, student pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians who serve as patient care providers on healthcare teams in acute and ambulatory care settings. And it’s important that our brand reflects this evolution of practice.

Our new logo and tagline better represent ASHP’s mission and vision, as well as our members’ role as healthcare providers. This will help us better serve our members and will help key stakeholders, including government officials and other healthcare organizations, better understand the role ASHP and our members play as patient care providers.


Elements of Our Visual Identity

From the CEO

Today, ASHP introduced our new logo and tagline to our members during the opening session of our Summer Meetings. This new visual identity is a significant departure from our previous logo and better represents ASHP’s mission and vision... Read More

Rollout Plan

The new logo and tagline were first introduced to members on June 2, 2014, during the opening session of the Summer Meetings. Over the next several months, the new logo will be implemented on the ASHP website, publications, letterhead, and our building.

ASHP Logos through the Years

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