Business Opportunities

Listed below are a number of creative ways you can forge mutually beneficial partnerships, marketing arrangements, and joint ventures with ASHP. Please review the ASHP Policy on Accepting Corporate Support and Avoiding Conflicts of Interest and if you have questions, or an idea for a new business opportunity, please contact the Marketing and Sales Office at (301) 664-8757 or via e-mail at


Learn more about how you can extend your visibility through a variety of sponsorship opportunities at ASHP meetings, conferences and specialty courses.

  • Sponsorship at Our Meetings
  • Exhibiting at an ASHP Meeting


Learn more about how you can combine forces with ASHP to develop unique, progressive content for educational resources, drug information references, or related publications for pharmacists and technicians.

  • Publishing in AJHP
  • Book and Electronic Publishing
  • Co-marketing Arrangements

Other Opportunities

Learn more about other business opportunities available at ASHP and related ASHP business units.

  • Licensing Agreements
  • Bulk Publication Sales
  • List Rentals
  • CE Listings on the ASHP eLearning [PDF]
  • Partnering with ASHP
  • Partnering with ASHP Foundation (ASHP’s non-profit organization)


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