For Instructors

For Instructors

Useful tools and resources for instructors
ASHP’s instructor resource center offers additional resources to help faculty and instructors make the most of our textbooks and training materials.  The resources are designed to give instructors additional tools to enrich their students’ educational experience.  The tools give the instructors options to help organize their busy course schedules.

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All review copies will be provided in eBook format unless there is a valid reason for print.

Products with Instructor Resources

The following publications have instructor resources available. For access to instructor material, please contact ASHP Sales Representative Chris Jezowski at

Bulk Discounts

ASHP offers bulk discounts for books and subscriptions published by ASHP only. The discount applies only towards multiple copies of the same product. The discount is as follows:

Number of Copies Discount
5-9 10%
10-24 15%
25-49 20%
50-99 25%
100 or more 30%


For bulk orders over 100 items, please contact customer service at 866-279-0681, or

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