Phosphorus Oral Supplements

[01 August 2014]

Products Affected - Description

Phos-NaK Powder, Cypress Pharmaceuticals
1.5 gram packet, 100 count package (NDC 60258-0006-01)

Reason for the Shortage

Cypress Pharmaceuticals has Phos-Nak Powder on back order due to manufacturing delays.1

Available Products

K-Phos Neutral Tablet, Beach Pharmaceuticals
100 count package (NDC 00486-1125-01)
500 count package (NDC 00486-1125-05)

K-Phos Original Tablet, Beach Pharmaceuticals
100 count package (NDC 00486-1111-01)
500 count package (NDC 00486-1111-05)

K-Phos No. 2 Tablet, Beach Pharmaceuticals
100 count package (NDC 00486-1134-01)

Phospha 250 Neutral Tablet, Rising Pharmaceuticals
100 count package (NDC 64980-0104-01)

Estimated Resupply Dates

Cypress has Phos-Nak Powder on intermittent back order and is releasing product as it becomes available. Product may be available at pharmacy wholesalers.1

Implications for Patient Care

Oral phosphate supplements are used to increase serum phosphorus levels and acidify the urine to solubilize urinary calcium. Excessive renal loss or inadequate gastrointestinal absorption can lead to decreased phosphorus levels. Phosphates also reduce odor and rash caused by ammonia in the urine.4-10

Alternative Agents & Management

  • Clinicians will have to base their alternative choice on patient specific criteria. The table below provides a comparison of oral products.
  • Monitor renal function, serum sodium, serum phosphorus, serum potassium, and serum calcium levels during therapy.5
Table. Comparison of Oral Phosphorus Products 4-10

Phosphorus Oral Products

How Supplied

NDC Number








Phos-NaK powder

1.5 gm packets, 100 count



250 mg

(8 mmol)

280 mg

(7.1 mEq)

160 mg

(6.9 mEq)

K-Phos Neutral

Tablets,100 and 500 count




250 mg

(8 mmol)

45 mg

(1.1 mEq)

298 mg

(13 mEq)

K-Phos Original Dissolvable Tablets

Tablets, 100 and 500 count




114 mg

(3.7 mmol)

144 mg

(3.7 mEq)


K-Phos No. 2

Tablets, 100 count



250 mg

(8 mmol)

88 mg

(2.3 mEq)

134 mg

(5.8 mEq)

Phospha 250 Neutral

Tablets, 100 count



250 mg

(8 mmol)

45 mg

(1.1 mEq)

298 mg

(13 mEq)

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