Drug Shortage Resource Center Search Tips

There are several ways you can search for a specific drug or a list of drugs with a specific attribute:

  • By generic name
    • All products are indexed by generic name. This is the best way to find a specific product.
  • By brand name
    • Most monographs include brand names in the “Products Affected” and “Available Products” sections. However, since it is not a standardized field, searching by brand name may not return comprehensive results.
  • By shortage list
    • Four shortage lists, Current Shortages, Drugs No Longer Available, No Presentations Available, and Resolved Shortages, make certain frequent searches easier. Select a list from the drop-down box to your right of the search box.
  • By key word
    • Certain terms are frequently used when discussing drug shortages. For instance, searching for “allocation,” “manufacturing delays,” or a manufacturer’s name returns monographs for products with those terms listed in the shortage descriptions.
    • One special phrase, “insufficient supply for usual ordering,” identifies products unavailable through regular distribution channels, for instance only through an importation program or a restricted distribution program (i.e. Doxil® C.A.R.E.S.).


  1. Due to the uniform nature of the shortage monographs, Google often omits useful results it thinks are redundant. View all results by clicking the link at the bottom of the results page.
  2. Search results are limited to 10 per page. To view the next page of results, click the “Next” link to your right of the results listing at the top or bottom of the page.

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