Ambulatory Review Course

Offered by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), this two-day review course is based on the domains, tasks, and knowledge statements developed by BPS for the examination provides a robust preparatory curriculum for the pharmacotherapy professional preparing for the examination. In addition, ASHP offers a complete recertification program for those that are board certified as a Pharmacotherapy Specialist (BCPS). The review course and components of the recertification program are offered live and online for your convenience. Planned by the ASHP Section of Clinical Specialists and Scientists

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Certification Preparation Opportunities

Title Summary Hours Date(s)
ASHP Pharmacotherapy Specialty Examination Review Course Online Content for this online course is delivered using an interactive, case-based format and is based on the live review course. Customize your learning by participating in one or more lectures. Discounts are available for purchase of package. Learn more Up to 15.75 hours Available online July 15, 2013
Core Therapeutic Modules (CTM) The CTM activities are designed as a library of modules to customize your own self study program and serves as a foundation to help fill knowledge gaps in various topics or disease states. These modules should be used in addition to participating in an ASHP specialty examination review course to further enhance your studies. Learn more Up to 16 hours Available online (Purchase)


Recertification Opportunities

Title Summary Hours Date(s)
ASHP Pharmacotherapy Review and Recertification Course Online With this package, get comprehensive, practical guidance with a variety of 10 complex cases, including references to study resources. To earn recertification credit, the entire package must be completed. Learn more 15.75 hours July 15, 2013
Pharmacotherapy Intensive Study A and B This series will focus on individual domains and will change on an annual basis. These courses will provide the most up-to-date information on contemporary issues for BCPSs. Individuals may participate in one or both Intensive Study Courses. Learn more 6 hours December 8, 2013
ASHP BCPS Recertification Literature Study
This home study activity will be developed around contemporary articles which will cover the 3 domains. Participants will review the articles and complete the associated online assessment. Learn more 35-40 hours Available now