ASHP Pharmacotherapy Specialty Examination Review and Recertification Course-Live and Online

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Advance your practice and earn your Pharmacotherapy Certification. ASHP now offers pharmacists a way to better prepare for the Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS) Pharmacotherapy Specialty Certification Examination.

This course provides a robust preparatory curriculum for the pharmacy professional planning to take the examination, or those seeking recertification or a refresh in therapeutics. Designed based on the domains, tasks, and knowledge statements developed by BPS for the examination, the course will help you prepare for the exam by identifying areas needed for in-depth review of pharmacotherapy issues by:

  • Reviewing pertinent clinical topics and practice skills
  • Providing exam practice questions
  • Listing valuable resources for further self-study

What makes the ASHP review and recertification course unique?

Developed by the leading continuing education provider in the country, and the leading preparatory content experts and faculty, this course is different than your average review course. Our complex case-based, interactive approach goes against the didactic learning norm, and engages the attendee in a way that is sure to have a meaningful and lasting impact on their practice.

Review course participants follow “patients” in real life scenarios from initial presentation, medical history, risk factors, and complications throughout their treatments and outcomes.  Participants learn as they apply various treatment options based on national standards and guidelines.  Strong emphasis is placed on the thought processes needed to solve patient care problems in each therapeutic area.  As patient cases are discussed, faculty members are there to present the best answer to questions that illustrate key concepts.

Prepare for the BPS Pharmacotherapy Specialty Certification Examination with this cutting-edge educational program! Highlights of the ASHP review course include:

  • Interesting, application-based review course approach using complex, case-based interactive learning for high level practitioners and specialists
  • Content is presented by nationally recognized pharmacy faculty
  • Includes regulatory and population health issues not covered in other review courses, which accounts for 20% of the BPS exam
  • Every topic area contains public health and patient advocacy information
  • Participants are given a workbook containing 100+ practice questions with explained answers and links to original references
  • Complete coverage needed to confidently prepare for the exam in only 2 days! Saving you time away from work and home, and drastically reducing travel expenses
  • Developed by leading continuing education provider in the country and leading preparatory content experts and faculty


  • Patient case based format discussing multiple medical issues include:
    • Hypertension, heart failure, COPD, and tobacco abuse
    • Acute asthma exacerbation, acute otitis media, and seasonal allergies in pediatrics
    • Diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, and obesity (metabolic syndrome)
    • Healthcare-associated pneumonia, acute renal insufficiency, sepsis, COPD, and dehydration
    • HIV, dyslipidemia, depression, Hepatitis B, and substance abuse
    • Geriatric patient with acute MRSA skin infection, dementia, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, thyroid disorder, and pain.
    • Breast cancer, candidemia (from port), pulmonary embolism, and pain management
    • Myocardial infarction, heart failure/electrolyte disturbances, ACS, atrial fibrillation, and GERD.
  • Research Design, Evidence‐Based Medicine, and Statistical Analysis
  • Regulatory and Population Health Issues including medication safety, quality metrics, regulatory agencies, and public health initiatives

For Recertification

The ASHP Pharmacotherapy Specialty Examination Review Course is also available for recertification credit and is ideal for BCPSs who would like a refresher of relevant therapeutic and practice issues in pharmacotherapy practice. The course content provides a comprehensive review of the knowledge domains covered in the pharmacotherapy specialty.

This is perfect for the specialist looking for a refreshing and interactive way to learn and stay current. Earn up to 15.75 CPE credits for attending. To be eligible for recertification credit, BCPSs must attend the entire live program and successfully complete the online assessment by the deadline. Only completed tests will be eligible for credit; no partial or incomplete tests will be processed.

Note: The ASHP Pharmacotherapy Specialty Examinations Review Course may be completed for recertification credit, either in live or home study format, up to two times, in nonconsecutive years, during the 7-year certification cycle.

Program Availability


To help you prepare for the examination, the online course is offered as individual lectures or as a package with all lectures for you to customize your learning. Earn up to 15.75 CPE credits through this online course for review.

COMING JULY 15, 2013. To use the online course for recertification, you will need to participate in all lectures and successfully complete the online assessment. Only completed tests will be eligible for credit; no partial or incomplete tests will be processed.

Online course participants will receive handout instructional materials used during the live course.

Planned by the ASHP Sections of Clinical Specialists and Scientists. The ASHP professional development program for recertification of Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialists (BCPS) is approved by the Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS).