Patient Care Impact Program

Year after year, participants in the Patient Care Impact Program demonstrate how invaluable and effective pharmacy involvement can be in the Emergency Department. The Patient Care Impact Program is a 6-month educational program designed to enable practitioners to develop and implement an emergency pharmacist role in their institution. Under the direction of nationally recognized expert emergency practitioner Daniel Hays, PharmD, this small group of colleagues engages in brainstorming sessions and monthly teleconferences for status updates, group mentoring,  problem solving and much more. Pharmacists can IMPACT their institutions and earn 25 hours of CE credit.

Pharmacy Services in the ED - the results can’t be denied!
Here are a few examples of the Impact you could have with your project:

  • Reduced preventable adverse drug events
  • Full participation on trauma resuscitation teams
  • Improved medication reconciliation
  • More efficient patient education and consultations
  • Effective collaboration of interdisciplinary health care teams
  • Potential cost containment estimated at over 3 million dollars per year (for larger hospitals)

Past Programs