Get Involved in a Meeting

There are several ways to get involved in an ASHP National Meeting; present at an ASHP meeting – submit a proposal for an educational session, poster, or management case study. Or participate by signing up to be a proposal or poster reviewer, volunteering to be a poster mentor and/or volunteering to moderate a management case study session (see our Presenters' Calendar). Educational sessions and poster abstracts from previous ASHP meetings can be found in ASHP's Meeting Abstracts Archive.

We are accepting educational session proposals for these upcoming ASHP meetings:

2016 Midyear Clinical Meeting & Exhibition
Las Vegas, NV, December 4 – 8

Poster Presenter Handbook for All Poster Presenters

Professional Posters

Student, Resident and Fellow Posters

2017 Midyear Clinical Meeting & Exhibition
Orlando, Florida, December 3 – 7

Educational Session Proposals

ASHP is currently accepting proposals. Deadline is February 1, 2017, 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time.

Call for 2017 Educational Session Proposals

Preparing a Well-Written Proposal


Professional Posters: Site will open May 1, 2017. Deadline June 15, 2017.
Student, Resident and Fellows site will open August 15, 2017. Deadline October 1, 2017.

2017 National Pharmacy Preceptors Conference
Washington, DC, August 16 – 18

Posters: Submission site will open March 1, 2017; dealine June 1, 2017.

Pearl Presentations

A pearl is a five minute presentation that conveys one idea, concept, or fact that has been useful in day-to-day practice, and may not be widely known, understood, published, or taught.
Submissions will be accepted from February 1, 2017 until April 1, 2017, 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time

2017 Summer Meetings
Minneapolis, MN, June 3 – 7

ASHP is now accepting online abstract submissions for poster presentations at the 2017 ASHP Summer Meeting, June 3 – 7, in Minneapolis, MN. We will be accepting professional, student, resident, and fellow posters. The poster submission deadline is March 15, 2017, 11:59 p.m., Pacific Time.


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