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Sanofi Pasteur Recalls Typhoid Fever Vaccine

Cheryl A. Thompson

BETHESDA, MD 28 Sep 2012—Sanofi Pasteur Inc. on September 24 started a recall of six lots of its typhoid Vi polysaccharide vaccine, Typhim Vi, because they are "at risk for lower antigen content," according to a notice posted today by FDA.

The six lots are E1287-1, E1288-1, G0481-1, G0507-1, G0508-1, and G1130-1. All but lot G1130-1 consist of prefilled syringes.

There may be still be usable Typhim Vi syringes and vials in the supply chain, said company spokesman Len Lazenza. He called the current recall a partial one.

A second vaccine, typhoid vaccine live oral Ty21a, is manufactured by Berna Biotech Ltd. and distributed by Crucell Vaccines.

Both vaccines protect recipients against typhoid fever, a disease usually caught through consumption of water or food contaminated with Salmonella typhi.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 300 cases of typhoid fever—mostly in people who recently traveled abroad—are reported each year in the United States.

The agency recommends typhoid vaccine for people traveling to areas, such as southern Asia, where there is an increased risk of exposure to S. typhi.

Sanofi Pasteur said vaccine in the six lots met all the requirements for release into the supply chain.


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