Story Ideas

What Your Pharmacist Wants You to Know

  • Preventing Medication Errors
  • Staying Safe in the Hospital
  • Traveling Safely with Medicines
  • Medication Safety for Children
  • Medication Safety for Seniors
  • Medication Safety in Emergencies
  • Using Antibiotics Wisely
  • Using Alternative Medicines Wisely
  • Preventing Illness with Vaccines

Hot Topics

  • Drug Shortages - Problems caused by drug shortages have received much public attention in recent months and have caused significant disruptions in patient care. ASHP has a long history of leading efforts to help the health care community manage issues related to drug shortages, including establishing the Drug Shortages Resource Center and was a co-convener of a recent stakeholder’s summit [PDF] where participants offered recommendations to address this critical issue. 
  • Increased Patient Care Roles Pharmacists - Incorporating pharmacists as members of the health care team in direct patient care roles is a viable solution to help improve U.S. health care, according to the results of a comprehensive, systematic review of health care literature recently published in the journal Medical CareExternal Link .
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