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ASHP publishes the world’s premier pharmacy journal, AJHP.

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AJHP’s editorial content focuses on comprehensive reviews of drugs and diseases, advanced medication-use systems, studies on effective approaches to enhancing the quality and safety of patient care, evidence to support pharmacists' roles as care providers, technology integration into healthcare delivery, proceedings of visionary consensus conferences, and discussions of professional and ethical imperatives in pharmacy practice, ASHP professional standards, and editorials.

AJHP also publishes regular columns whose target audiences include chief pharmacy officers, pharmacy informatics specialists, new practitioners, and students.

The redesign of AJHP highlights the editors' new approach to content—with theme issues, increased calls for papers on cutting-edge topics, an enhanced digital experience, an increased focus on ambulatory care, and a heavier emphasis on editorials that tackle the most difficult issues in healthcare.

The new design also reflects a major change in AJHP's mission—"Advancing Science, Pharmacy Practice, and Health Outcomes."  This broader focus supports AJHP's role as a source of the latest scientific evidence, practice information, news, and opinion pieces that can guide medication use and healthcare delivery at the patient, population, and policy levels.

Fill out this form for more information and get unlimited access to an article that shows just one example of how AJHP publishes articles that demonstrate innovative approaches to high-priority issues in healthcare delivery:  Multifaceted approach to reducing occurrence of severe hypoglycemia in a large healthcare system.


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