Pharmacists' Competency Assessment Library

The ASHP eBooks Collection

Now you can simplify your competency management with ASHP’s online competency assessment library.

Choose from among 38 competencies and initial skills assessments to manage and monitor competency completion among both your pharmacist and pharmacy technician staff.

Inside this library you’ll find:

  • Coverage of initial skills assessments for pharmacists and technicians
  • Eight general competencies ranging from confidentiality and patient rights to fire safety and information management
  • 20 pharmaceutical care competencies
  • Four pharmaceutical care competencies for especially for technicians.
  • Six compounding and dispensing competencies.

Each competency includes learning objectives, a study guide, and a competency assessment exam.

The Pharmacists’ Competency Assessment Library is available by annual subscription. Administrators purchasing for staff can monitor completion of assigned competencies.

Fill out this form for more information and get access to a sample of one of the 20 competencies found in the Library: Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting.


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