Onsite Documents – Technician

  1. Completed affiliation agreements for all training sites
  2. Complete student files for three program graduates
  3. Three on-going student files for current class
  4. Supporting course and materials (all lesson plans from each course including class lectures, exams, schedules, simulation activities, activities performed on externship rotations)
  5. Books, references, online products used for training in the program
  6. Copies of membership certificates of program director and faculty for pharmacy association and/or education associations at the national and state level
  7. Advisory Committee meeting minutes for three years
  8. Simulated component assessment activity checklists
  9. All completed experiential site inspections
  10. All contracts
  11. Academic and Professional Records for all experiential site coordinators
  12. Completed timesheets for all time spent by students at experiential sites
  13. Documentation of how hours are calculated
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