Pharmacy Online Residency Centralized Application Service

PhORCAS (Pharmacy Online Residency Centralized Application), a web-based tool that brings residency application material together in one location. By streamlining the residency recruitment process, it decreases the administrative burden that comes with paper applications-overall.

PhORCAS offers endless benefits for residency programs, resident applicants, and reference writers by simply making the process easier. For support: PhORCAS (617) 612-2868 (9AM-5PM ET) or

If you need assistance with WebAdMIT (the PhORCAS Selection Portal) please contact WebAdMIT at (716) 636-7777 or email them at

Learn more about how PHORCAS can save you time, effort, and money below

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PhORCAS: As Easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Upload.

Applicants input their information, upload supporting documents, select their references and with one easy click, submit their application to multiple programs. No more copies, no more multiple transcript fees, no more trips to fed ex, no more hassle!

Reference providers submit their testimonials electronically and are notified when the submission is received. There are templates available that can be standardized or customized and reused for the post-match process.

Step 2: Submit.

Gone are the days of having to sift through piles and piles of applications. With one easy system, prospective residents are able to send out multiple applications with the accompanying documentation. Programs are able to receive, organize, and review; drastically reducing the administrative burden saving time and money. There is even pre-screening of applicant eligibility and the system is also available for the post-match process.

Step 3: Track.

Students, Programs, and Reference providers are all able to track the application process from start to finish. Eliminating the need for tracking numbers, late night trips to the post office, last minute calls, and a lot of headaches! Everyone involved knows what was submitted, received, and what is the current status.

Benefits to Programs

  • No fee for programs who implement in initial year
  • Decreased administrative burden
  • Electronic tracking of application process
  • Prescreening of applicant eligibility
  • Organize large numbers of candidates using site determined sorting
  • Flexibility to add site specific requirements and application deadlines
  • All programs automatically loaded into system
  • System is available for post match process-unmatched programs are opened automatically!

Benefits to Applicants

  • One online submission - dissemination to multiple programs
  • Electronic tracking, notification of application process
  • Reduced applicant hassle
  • Flexibility to standardize or customize
  • Consolidated National Matching Service and PhORCAS registration
  • System available for post match process
  • No more ancillary fees for copies, paper, or mail.
           $100 for the first 4 applications/$35 for any additional application

Benefits to Reference Providers

  • Letter template with option for providers to elaborate and expand on reference
  • Electronic notification and notes from applicants
  • Electronic submission
  • Potential for using previous reference information for post match process