ASHP-SSHP Recognition Program

ASHP offers Student Societies of Health-System Pharmacy (SSHPs) nationwide the opportunity for official ASHP-SSHP Recognition. Criteria for recognition encourage SSHP activities that:

  1. Promote membership in local, state, and national health-system organizations;
  2. Stimulate interest in health-system pharmacy careers;
  3. Encourage career development and professionalism among students aspiring to careers in health-system pharmacy. 

SSHPs that meet the criteria for recognition receive tangible benefits and acknowledgment. SSHPs must complete the required activities each year to receive annual benefits from ASHP.

This official recognition serves as the completion of the "triad" relationship between ASHP, the ASHP state affiliate organization, and the SSHP, as well as provides a direct relationship between ASHP and the SSHP. ASHP encourages developing SSHPs to become a chapter or affiliate of the ASHP state affiliate organization.


SSHPs who complete the required criteria each year will receive the following annual benefits from ASHP:

  • Certificate of recognition
  • Awards for incoming and outgoing president/officer*
  • One complimentary ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and Summer Meeting student registration
  • One complimentary ASHP publication
  • Use of ASHP-SSHP Recognition logo

*If your SSHP does not focus solely on health-system practice, we strongly encourage the awards to be presented to the highest ranking health-system officer.


2016-17 ASHP Recognized Student Societies [PDF]


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