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Treasurer Call for Nominations

The Treasurer Nomination Committee is seeking candidates for the office of Treasurer of ASHP. Please see the information below to submit your name or the name of another member for consideration by the Treasurer Nomination Committee.

Selected candidates will be included on the ballot for election by the general membership as described in our Bylaws.

Please review the following documents:

  • Appendix A is the Call for Candidates for Treasurer.
  • Appendix B is the Scope of Commitment for the Officers and Directors of ASHP which was prepared by the Board of Directors to provide an understanding of time commitments for prospective candidates for ASHP offices.
  • Appendix C is the ASHP Guidelines for Candidates for Elective Office.
  • Appendix D is the ASHP Treasurer and Board of Directors Position Descriptions which explain the responsibilities.

You can also review the ASHP Governing Documents.

If you wish to submit names for consideration by the Treasurer Nomination Committee, please provide the name, email address, and CV of your nominee via the following link:
Treasurer Nomination Online Form.

You may also provide this information via email to

Nominations will be accepted by the Committee through February 1, 2019.