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Donald Francke Memorial Library

The Donald E. Francke Memorial Library (DEFML) was established on April 21, 1982 as a lasting tribute to one of the most influential and respected leaders of hospital pharmacy.

Donald Francke’s leadership and dedication helped form ASHP and make it what it is today. He was a founding member of ASHP, three-term President, and a visionary for ASHP’s practice standards and guidelines, educational programs, and publications. He also served as editor of the following publications:

  • Bulletin of the American Society of Hospital Pharmacists,
  • American Journal of Hospital Pharmacists,
  • American Hospital Formulary Services, and the
  • International Pharmaceutical Abstracts.

Today, the DEFML collects and maintains a comprehensive collection of books and materials of historical importance related to the development of the ASHP and pharmacy in the United States. Resources include, but are not limited to: society documents, personal and professional papers of prominent members, oral histories, and photographs.

Purpose and Mission

The DEFML is the official repository of materials documenting the history of ASHP and on pharmacy practice in organized health care settings. It strives to acquire and preserve a comprehensive collection of materials that support the growth and development of the profession.

The DEFML is open to members, scholars, and those demonstrating needs.



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