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Mirror to Hospital Pharmacy

In response to the changes in hospital pharmacy, ASHP received funding in 1955 for the first comprehensive, national audit of pharmaceutical services in hospitals.

Questionnaires were mailed to approximately 3,000 hospitals across the country to gather practice data. These findings were published in the Mirror to Hospital Pharmacy, which included recommendations designed to enhance the development of hospital pharmacy. Each member of ASHP at that time was given a copy of the Mirror.

Today we celebrate the 50th year of publication to the Mirror to Hospital Pharmacy, a study that continues to remain a reference of enormous importance. Web access to the book should be of special interest to pharmacy residents and preceptors, teachers and students in schools of pharmacy, historians in the pharmaceutical field, and practitioners who are interested in considering the progress that has been made in hospital and health-system pharmacy practice over the past half century.

50th Anniversary: Mirror to Hospital Pharmacy
Articles from AJHP November 15, 2014

The five papers below are based on presentations at a 2013 ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting session commemorating the 50th anniversary to the publication of the Mirror to Hospital Pharmacy. The session was entitled “Change in Pharmacy Practice: Does It Just Happen or Can It Be Planned? Lessons from the Mirror to Hospital Pharmacy.”

Mirror to Hospital Pharmacy
By Donald Francke, Clifton Latiolais, Gloria N. Francke, and Norman Ho
In commemoration of its 50th anniversary, the Mirror to Hospital Pharmacy—a report of a landmark survey of hospital pharmacy in the late 1950s—is now freely available online[PDF 21MB].

History of Hospital Pharmacy
By William A. Zellmer
This chapter tells the story of how hospital pharmacy developed in this country, analyzes the forces that shaped the hospital pharmacy movement, and draws lessons from the changes in this area of pharmacy practice. (Source: Holdford DA. Introduction to acute & ambulatory care pharmacy practice, second edition. Bethesda, Md: ASHP, 2017)



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