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Christi A. Jen

Candidate for Chair 2022-2023

Section of Clinical Specialists and Scientists

Christi JenCHRISTI A. JEN, Pharm.D., BCPS, FASHP, FAzPA, ( is the pharmacy clinical manager and PGY1 residency program director at HonorHealth Deer Valley Medical Center In Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to coordinating clinical activities locally, she oversees the clinical practice and operations of the network’s emergency medicine pharmacists and serves on various network committees representing pharmacy services.

A graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy, Jen pursued PGY1 residency training at Maricopa Medical Center (now known as Valleywise Health) in Phoenix, Arizona. Thereafter, Jen spent over 11 years in emergency medicine as a clinical pharmacy specialist, establishing the facility’s clinical pharmacy services in the ED and serving on network-wide committees to develop clinical practices. During this tenure as the EM Specialist, she served as preceptor for students and residents, established the PGY1 residency program as its director, and provided education to physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and EMS personnel.

Jen’s involvement with ASHP began as a member of the Section of Clinical Specialists and Scientists (SCSS) Advisory Group (SAG) on Emergency Care, chairing the subgroup to organize and revamp the resource center and presented various presentations on its behalf. Jen served as chair of the SAG on Preceptor Skills Development, a member of the Year-Round Educational Steering Committee, and now a member of the SAG on Clinical Leadership. In addition, Jen has been a delegate for Arizona to the ASHP House of Delegates since 2013 and served as Arizona’s director-at-large (president) of ASHP’s state affiliate. Lastly, Jen recently served as chair of the ASHP Council on Therapeutics, an experience she noted to be the one of the most rewarding as an ASHP member.


Becoming involved with ASHP early on in my career allowed me to grow as a person, as a clinician, and an advocate for the profession. Meeting colleagues from diverse settings allowed for learning, collaboration, consensus-building, and thought-sharing. ASHP and the Section brought on new possibilities that I was not aware of as a student and a resident previously. I have learned and firmly believe that active engagement and any contribution are invaluable to the experience of advocacy and giving back to the profession. What I once thought was a small feat in revamping the SAG on Emergency Care’s resource center, became a jumping point for other activities within ASHP these last 10+ years. Having worked collaboratively with colleagues on all the SAGs I’ve been involved in, it became evident that these small contributions have added to the advancement of and greater good of pharmacy. This culminated in my serving as chair of the Council on Therapeutics, understanding that these policies created would make a lasting impact to our profession. As we embark on this journey to “provider-hood,” we need to maintain the momentum of active engagement and contribution no matter how small. Each of us collectively can make a difference in our profession, in our patients, and in those we collaborate with. We need to continue to forge forward, make those small contributions, and persevere. My ASHP experience demonstrates that I have the fortitude and resourcefulness needed in a Section chair to motivate others to make those small contributions.