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Denise L. Scarpelli

Candidate for Chair 2022-2023

Section of Specialty Pharmacy Practitioners

Denise ScarpelliDENISE SCARPELLI, Pharm.D., (denise.scarpelli@uchospitals) is the executive director of ambulatory pharmacy and Business Development at the University of Chicago since 2017, overseeing the strategy and operations for retail, specialty, and infusion pharmacy. Previously she has held many leadership roles at Walgreens, leading pharmacy operations in Chicago for over 20 years.

She earned a Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Illinois at Chicago- College of Pharmacy in 1996 and is currently pursuing an M.B.A. from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, graduating in June of 2021.

She is currently serving as the chair of the Illinois Board of Pharmacy and on the Dean’s Advisory Board for Midwestern College of Pharmacy. Denise has served as the chair and vice-chair of the ASHP Section of Specialty Pharmacy Practitioners Section Advisory Group (SAG) on business development.



Specialty pharmacy business has been growing rapidly over the last 20 years and continues to change and evolve. Every day leaders of specialty pharmacy are faced with many challenges from payer restrictions, limited drug distribution from the manufacturers, and ever-changing requirements from the accrediting bodies. I believe that as health-system specialty pharmacies working together and sharing best practices; we can create solutions for these challenges. By working together, we will be successful.

I am honored and thankful to be nominated for this section. In just a few years, this new section has done great work and provided valuable resources to the specialty pharmacy members. They have addressed head-on the challenges specialty pharmacy is experiencing and provided solutions. Serving as vice-chair and chair for the SAG on business development the last two years has been rewarding, and I am proud of the work the committee produced together. If elected, I will continue the great work of this section and support each of your specialty pharmacies.