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Hesham Mourad

Candidate for Director-at-Large 2022-2024

Section of Pharmacy Informatics and Technology

Hesham MouradHESHAM MOURAD, Pharm.D., BCCCP, BCPS, CPHIMS, ( is a medication management informaticist at Mayo Clinic and an Assistant Professor of Pharmacy at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science. His primary responsibilities are to support and optimize medication-related changes in the EHR. Within his role, Dr. Mourad is a member of multiple committees such as local Medication Safety Committee, Smart Pumps Enterprise Drug Library Committee, and Pharmacy Education Advisory Committee. He serves as primary preceptor for pharmacy informatics learning experience within the PGY1 program. He received his bachelor pharmacy degree from Damascus University, then earned his Pharm.D. from Purdue University. He completed a PGY-1 residency at the Hazard ARH Regional Medical Center, Kentucky. After practicing as clinical pharmacist for two years, he completed the Critical Care Traineeship from the ASHP Research and Education Foundation. He then completed a PGY-2 pharmacy informatics residency with Indiana University Health, Indiana. He is board certifie in pharmacotherapy and critical care; he is also certified professional in healthcare information and management systems. Dr. Mourad has been an active member of Section of Pharmacy Informatics and Technology for the last seven years. Currently, he is finishing his term as immediate past chair for the SAG on Clinical Applications. He has also been a work group lead within the SAG.



"Today the only thing that is permanent is change." —Dr. Charlie Mayo.

We are living in a time where technology intersects with every aspect of our lives, and to be able to provide excellence in health care delivery, we must be creative in the ways we utilize technology for our advantage.

Our profession is encountering multiple short and long-term opportunities and to be able to take advantage of those opportunities while staying agile and proactive to every unpredicted challenge this Section will need to continue providing exceptional leadership. The director-at-large role will allow me to represent the members of our community who may not be able to attend every meeting and make sure their voice is heard. I’m beyond humbled and grateful for this opportunity while we as a community continue our journey transforming healthcare.

I am proud to be part of this profession and I am delighted to have worked with so many passionate and expert pharmacists in the clinical application SAG over the last seven years. The SAG completed many good projects, and I am enthused and excited about all possible future collaboration with the member of our community to continue this work as a director-at-large. Thank you for your consideration and what an honor.