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Linda S. Tyler

Candidate for President 2021-2022

Linda TylerLINDA S. TYLER, Pharm.D., FASHP (, is the Chief Pharmacy Officer for University of Utah Health; Professor (Clinical), Department of Pharmacotherapy and Associate Dean for Pharmacy Practice, University of Utah College of Pharmacy. Tyler received her B.S. in Pharmacy and Pharm.D. degrees from the University of Utah. She completed a pharmacy practice residency at University of Nebraska Medical Center. She was a faculty member and critical care practitioner at the University of Wisconsin and a poison control center specialist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. She returned to the University of Utah as Director of Drug Information Services. She served in that role for many years before becoming the senior pharmacy leader for University of Utah Health. She is the residency program director for the HSPAL program. Tyler is a tireless advocate for progressive and innovative pharmacy services in health systems.

Tyler has served ASHP in many capacities, most recently as a Board Member. She previously served as Chair of the Council on Pharmacy Management and as Director-at-Large of the Section of Clinical Specialists and Scientists Executive Committee. She has also served on the Councils on Organizational Affairs, Therapeutics, Education and Workforce Development, and Pharmacy Practice; the Committee on Nominations; Section of Ambulatory Care Practitioners; New Practitioner and Student Forums; and a delegate to the House of Delegates for several years. She is a Past President of USHP.  Dr. Tyler was the 2015 recipient of the John Webb Award, given by ASHP in recognition of outstanding leadership.


I joined ASHP thinking that ASHP would advocate for me. Somewhere along the way, I realized that ASHP was its members, members like me. ASHP serves as a multiplier for each of us, amplifying our voices to make a difference. We need to speak out and act in three pivotal areas.

  • Empower our workforce by optimizing our capabilities, achieving the right skill mix, and addressing the issues of resiliency and burnout.
  • Create value for our patients, health systems, and communities. We are in a pivotal role to manage healthcare expenses and improve quality.
  • Lead on critical medication issues such as improving the integrity of the medication supply chain; preventing drug shortages; addressing the opioid crisis; reducing medication-related events; building safer healthcare systems; and helping patients obtain access to critical medications they need.

We are living in unprecedented times. None of us could have predicted the changes we have experienced in the last few months. This will forever change how we do our work. Now is the time to accelerate change. We have unlimited opportunity to demonstrate we are the critical ingredient in healthcare teams to achieve optimal medication outcomes as we care for patients across the continuum of care.

Now is the time—ASHP, you, can shape the new future of our profession.

I am humbled to be nominated and would be honored to serve as President of ASHP.