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Melanie A. Dodd

Chair of the House of Delegates Candidate 2021-2024

Melanie DoddMELANIE A. DODD, Pharm.D., Ph.C., BCPS, FASHP ( is associate dean for clinical affairs and associate professor, department of pharmacy practice and administrative sciences, The University of New Mexico (UNM) College of Pharmacy, Albuquerque, NM. A Purdue University, UNM and Presbyterian Healthcare Services residency program graduate, she began her career with the NM Medicaid DUR Program. She is now a pharmacist clinician with prescriptive authority at the UNM Senior Health Clinic, a consultant hospice pharmacist, and responsible for geriatric teaching activities with Pharm.D. and interprofessional students and residents. She plays an active role in development of and oversees new pharmacist clinical practice models, credentialing processes, and pharmacist reimbursement at UNM, including advocating for passage of and implementing NM House Bill 42, reimbursement parity to physicians for pharmacists with prescriptive authority.

Dodd’s ASHP service includes vice-chair and chair of the Council on Public Policy, chair of the Section of Ambulatory Care Practitioners, PPMI delegate, and NM delegate to the House of Delegates for 13 years. She is past-president of NMSHP and faculty advisor for the UNM SSHP.


My vision is to have pharmacists providing direct patient care to all patients throughout the continuum of care as essential, reimbursed members of interprofessional teams. In addition, I believe that it is important that we embrace and advocate for the expanding roles of pharmacists, including prescriptive authority, and support the ASHP PAI. Pharmacist recognition as providers at a state and federal level is a core component to achieve this vision. Through ASHP’s leadership, including the vision and efforts of the House of Delegates and our grassroots efforts, we can be successful in advancing healthcare. ASHP policy development is a core component of establishing and communicating our practice vision to our professional colleagues, our patients, and the community at large. Through my experiences as a pharmacist clinician, pharmacy educator and administrator, and my service to SSHP, NMSHP, and ASHP, including chairing the Council on Public Policy, a delegate to the House of Delegates, and chairing the Section of Ambulatory Care Practitioners, I feel I am well positioned to chair the House of Delegates and represent the membership. I am humbled and honored by this nomination and am committed to providing leadership to ASHP and the House of Delegates to continue to advance the practice of pharmacy and provide high quality patient care.