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Sarah S. Stephens

Candidate for Chair 2022-2023

Section of Inpatient Care Practitioners
Sarah Stephens

SARAH S. STEPHENS, Pharm.D., CPPS, ( is the network medication safety officer for HonorHealth in Scottsdale, AZ. She earned her Pharm.D. at the University of Wyoming and completed two years of residency training at University of Utah Health specializing in drug information. She practiced as an acute care adult internal medicine pharmacist for the University of Utah, and then accepted a full-time faculty role for the University of Utah College of Pharmacy, at which time, her clinical practice transitioned to the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Salt Lake City. After 15 years with the University of Utah, she transitioned to a medication safety role at Kaweah Health in Visalia, an underserved area of Central Valley California. She accepted a system-level, medication safety position for HonorHealth, a six-hospital health system, in 2020. Stephens has diverse acute care experiences, including academic tertiary care centers, government, and community hospitals.

ASHP involvement includes service as the chapter president and treasurer of the Utah Society of Health-System Pharmacists, and House of Delegates representative during this time. She then served as a member, vice chair, and chair of the Section of Inpatient Care Practitioners (SICP) Advisory Group on Medication Safety Section just prior to being elected to the SICP executive committee as a director-at-large. She was a faculty member for the Crisis and Pandemic Management Certificate program, author for the ASHP Guideline on Managing Adverse Drug Reactions, presenter at Midyear Clinical and Summer meetings, including workshops and pearls, and a facilitator at multiple networking sessions.



Healthcare is complicated, silos are everywhere, the supply chain is fragile, and it is truly amazing we still have a work force. There it is. I said it. Despite these truths, we have seen the very best in team members, amazing accomplishments, and maybe, just maybe, the holes in the system we have been talking about for years are now at the top of the list to fix. Pharmacists are one of the most diverse healthcare professionals on the team. We are the bridge across silos, we outsmart supply chain issues (mostly), and we have come together during challenging times. There is hope, and ASHP has been the professional anchor for me many times.

The Section of Inpatient Care Practitioners has a wide breadth of practice settings and interests to address. Our Section ensures membership has the tools it needs, but is it enough? If you work in an over-resourced department, feel free to stop reading now, but I suspect most of us feel the opposite. My goal as Section chair will be to promote new ways to get tools to practitioners in timely, easy-to-digest amounts, by a variety of methods. The most rewarding part of ASHP leadership and membership, is the relationships we build by working on common issues together. Inpatient care may be the focus of this Section, but it is clearly broader than an acute care stay. It is important to me that we all lead with that in mind.