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Scott H. Takahashi

Candidate for Director-at-Large 2022-2024

Section of Ambulatory Care Practitioners

Scott TakahashiSCOTT H. TAKAHASHI, Pharm.D., FASHP, FCSHP, ( is the pediatric ambulatory care pharmacist at Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles Medical Center. He serves as a preceptor for the PGY-1 program at the Medical Center as well as APPE preceptor and coordinator. He holds pharmacy faculty positions at the University of Southern California, University of California, San Francisco, University of the Pacific, and Western University and has been lauded with precepting awards from USC, UCSF, and UoP. He earned his Pharm.D. from the University of Southern California and completed an inpatient clinical residency at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Takahashi’s professional involvement with ASHP includes serving on the Section of Pharmacy Informatics and Technology  Section Advisory Groups (SAG) on Clinical Information Systems and Ambulatory Care Informatics and as a delegate to the House of Delegates. He is an active CSHP member having served on the Board of Directors, three-year term as president, Seminar (annual meeting) co-chair, and a recipient of Distinguished Service Award and Pharmacist of the Year. Takahashi served as reviewer for National Board of Pharmacy in creating the criteria for pediatric board certification. He is active in the Los Angeles County Department of Health’s Asthma Coalition as co-chair, and leadership in clinical workgroup. Scott is a frequent speaker on the management of asthma in both adult and pediatric patients for physicians, pharmacists, and allied health professionals.


I am honored to be nominated for director-at-large for the Section of Ambulatory Care Practitioners. I am looking forward to the opportunity to work as part of ASHP to affect, lead, and advance the practice of ambulatory care. As a preceptor for both pharmacy and medical students and residents, the potential is endless to promote, seed, and share best practices across different settings. In the COVID era, the need for innovation is vital to triaging, direct, and remote management as well as healthcare policy to provide care in a very infection-conscious environment. In addition, pharmacists as content experts should take an active role in their community to health healthcare initiatives. With the leadership skills honed at ASHP and CSHP, I have been able to direct the Los Angeles County Department of Health’s Asthma Coalition (multidisciplinary and public advocacy group) to create positions on air quality, healthcare disparities and institute programs to train school nurses, physicians, and allied health professionals to improve asthma care delivery. In the same vein, I have assumed a similar role as a clinician, program, and content leader for asthma care delivery at Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles, on local and regional levels.

I am honored to be nominated and look forward to serving as director-at-large for the Section of Ambulatory Care Practitioners.