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Scott L. Canfield

Candidate for Chair 2022-2023

Section of Specialty Pharmacy Practitioners

Scott CanfieldSCOTT CANFIELD, Pharm.D., CSP, ( is the assistant director for clinical program development at Johns Hopkins Home Care Group. He earned his Pharm.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and completed two years of residency training in specialty pharmacy at UW Health in Madison, Wisconsin. Canfield began working at Johns Hopkins Home Care Group in July 2015 as clinical programs manager for specialty pharmacy services. In his current role, Canfield is responsible for leading program development with a focus on specialty pharmacy services across outpatient and home infusion services. Canfield also oversees pharmaceutical pipeline and specialty channel management, manufacturer engagement, and expansion of internal and external partnerships opportunities within research and patient outcomes. Canfield’s leadership in ASHP includes service as director-at-large for the Section of Specialty Pharmacy Practitioners Executive Committee. He also serves as preceptor for multiple ASHP accredited residency programs and was co-guest editor for the 2021 AJHP specialty pharmacy themed issue.



I am honored to be considered for chair of the Section. As director-at-large the last two years, I have witnessed with great admiration the passion, comradery, and grit demonstrated by our Section members. I am proud of the accomplishments of our Section, and I am excited by the future opportunities before us. Health systems will continue to play a key role in driving innovation within specialty pharmacy practice, and the unique nature in which health systems collaborate and share best practices will be vital to shaping the future of high-risk patient management and value demonstration.

I believe that through the ongoing contributions of our Section, ASHP is well positioned to define and demonstrate what excellence means within specialty pharmacy practice. This includes advancing meaningful outcomes research, defining models of care that are patient centric, solidifying the role pharmacy team members can and should play in the care of patients, and advancing training in specialty pharmacy for students and residents. If elected, I would work with our membership to set progressive yet realistic goals to continue advancement in these areas. I would also serve as a bridge builder to further connect and engage with others across our industry as we look to develop and share a common voice on behalf of all health-system specialty pharmacies.