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Staci A. Hermann

Candidate for Chair 2022-2023

Section of Pharmacy Practice Leaders

Staci HermannSTACI A. HERMANN, Pharm.D., M.S., ( is Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health’s (D-HH) chief pharmacy officer. Hermann completed her Pharm.D. degree from The University of Rhode Island in 2004 and went on to complete a postgraduate year one (PGY1) residency at Advocate Aurora followed by a health-system pharmacy administration and leadership residency and Master’s degree at the University of Wisconsin. She has leveraged her experience in a wide array of backgrounds, including operations, informatics, clinical practice, and system integration to expand the presence/ impact of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians throughout the health-system in her current role.

Hermann has been active is ASHP since 2007 and has served in a variety of ways. She has been active in a number of SAGs, including Pharmacy Operations & Automation, Clinical Information Systems, Ambulatory Care Informatics, and, most recently, Practice Management where she was a project lead. Hermann is currently finishing out her three-year term as a council member, vice chair and chair of the Council on Pharmacy Practice Management. In addition, she was elected as a New Hampshire House of Delegate member twice in the past three years. She remains committed to training the future generation of pharmacists, serving as an advocate for and preceptor for the D-HH residency programs, quadrupling the number of programs offered during her tenure at D-HH.


As the profession of pharmacy moves to take on a greater role within the health system and more broadly within healthcare, I believe pharmacy should be at the table wherever decisions are being made. Our ability to span from the clinical care front lines to the back-end operational support in order to meet our patients’ needs in the clinics, in our retail stores, infusion settings, the hospital, or at home is nothing short of amazing – no matter the disease state in question. The pandemic has highlighted our vital role in the care delivery network and why our role is essential to providing optimal care to patients everywhere.

Pharmacists are uniquely trained to understand and influence the medication use process within the healthcare enterprise to advance and improve the access to care of our patients. Partnering with our technician workforce, we are able to extend this impact more broadly to our patients. This skillset and partnership will serve us well in the ever changing healthcare landscape. As we exit the pandemic, it is apparent there is still a lot of work left to do and impacts that we can make. I’m honored by this nomination and excited to continue the work already underway in the section to bring the pharmacy voice to the table.