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Stephanie L. Weightman

Candidate for Director-at-Large 2021-2023

Section of Clinical Specialists and Scientists
Stephanie Weightman

STEPHANIE L. WEIGHTMAN, Pharm.D., BCPPS, BCPS (, is an Emergency Medicine Clinical Pharmacist at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. As a part of the largest pediatric emergency medicine pharmacy practice in the nation, she is an integrated member within the emergency department team. In this position, Weightman participates in acute trauma and medical resuscitations, precepts students and residents, and optimizes patient-centered care. Additional practice interests include neurological emergencies and pharmacist education to support the advancement of pharmacy practice.

Weightman currently serves as the Immediate Past Chair of the SAG on Pediatrics. She began her participation in ASHP’s Section of Clinical Specialists and Scientists (SCSS) as a member of the Educational Steering Committee (ESC) in 2013; through continued involvement, she served as the Vice Chair for the Year-Round ESC. In 2017 – 2018, she had the opportunity to serve as the Chair of both the Year-Round and Meeting Planning ESC committees while concurrently acting as the Chair for the first ASHP Pediatric Work Group.  The Pediatric Work Group was subsequently approved to continue as an official SAG within the SCSS, and she had the distinct honor to serve as the first Chair. Weightman has also participated as a presenter and moderator at ASHP’s Midyear Clinical Meetings and faculty for ASHP’s Pediatric Literature Study for BCPPS Recertification.


The world as we know it is changing in personal and professional avenues. Success in these ever-evolving times will be determined by the ability to adapt quickly and intentionally while offering a source of constant support and guidance for those around us. ASHP has quickly jumped at this opportunity by providing free access to critical information and resources while maintaining focus on its original goals. As our members are often on the frontlines, the Section is in a crucial position to foster resilience and growth while enabling pharmacists to perform at the top of their license. My experience with ASHP has been irreplaceable in my career; it has afforded a balance of personal connections and professional development. As ASHP provides a vast array of resources, there is potential that some of the opportunities may be underutilized.

My experience in a dynamic emergency medicine environment coupled with continued and increasing ASHP leadership roles places me in a position to serve our membership while advocating for our interests and incorporating key elements of the Practice Advancement Initiative. It is a great honor and responsibility to be nominated for the Director-at-Large position, and I deeply appreciate the potential opportunity to serve ASHP and the membership. If elected, I would dedicate efforts to increase the strong educational component across our Section, to promote exposure to resources, and to support our members as they strive to advance our profession and provide pharmacist-centered care to our patients.