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Timothy R. Brown

Candidate for Director-at-Large 2022-2024

Section of Pharmacy Educators

Tim BrownTIMOTHY R. BROWN, Pharm.D., BCACP, FASHP, ( is the director of interprofessional education for the University of Georgia’s College of Pharmacy and professor in pharmacology and toxicology for Augusta University Medical College of Georgia and UGA Partnership. He received his doctorate from Campbell University School of Pharmacy and completed residency training at the Medical College of Virginia. In his past role he was a preceptor for pharmacy and medical students from across the country and was the first pharmacist to be awarded professor status at Northeast Ohio Medical University. In 2018, he was named the Ohio Health-System Pharmacist of the Year and received the Cleveland Clinic Akron General Graduate Medical Education Leader of the Year award. He was also recognized by the American Academy of Family Physicians as the 2017 Outstanding Faculty for Live Activities. Brown is a past board member of ASHP and recognized nationally as a leader within ambulatory care. Dr. Brown is co-editor of two books designed to help others build their practice model in an ambulatory care setting, as well as co-creator of an outpatient intervention tracking application. Over the past 15 years he hosted a monthly drive time radio segment answering call in questions from listeners in the northeast Ohio area. Recently, Dr. Brown has created and hosts a multimedia program called “PharmCast for the Community” sponsored by UGA College of Pharmacy and designed to highlight the impact pharmacists are having on patient care within the state of Georgia and across the country.



I have been fortunate to call ASHP my professional home for many years and through this organization I have worked with amazing people on a host of projects that have shaped and propelled our profession forward. My time on the Board of Directors not only allowed me to see how all the work of the members and staff culminate in policy, cutting edge pharmacy services, and member satisfaction, it also allowed me to understand next steps so ASHP remains relevant in today’s healthcare. The decision to create the Section of Pharmacy Educators (SPE) is an acknowledgement of the importance of preparing future generations of pharmacy providers. SPE gives a home for pharmacy educators while also maintaining other Sections that can address their clinical practice needs and interests.

As an original SPE executive committee member I would like to continue my involvement to collaborate, brainstorm, discuss, and implement the next steps to strengthen the section through strategic planning and building the SAGs. This will allow the section to assist and support pharmacy educators in being innovative and contemporary in their educational approach ensuring every patient benefits from the touch of a well-educated pharmacy team member. A paragraph in our professional oath states, “I will embrace and advocate change in the profession of pharmacy that improves patient care.” As a Section executive committee member the goal is to prod, guide, lead, and at times question the section’s path because ultimately our one purpose is improving the care of our patients.