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RDC Information

RDC Agenda

Board Reports and Virtual RDC Consolidated Documents


Dates and Times
To protect the health of attendees and promote public health efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, ASHP will again host virtual conferences from 1:00 to 5:30 p.m. EDT on April 24 through April 27. Review frequently asked questions here.

Registration Process 
Delegates and alternate delegates who wish to participate should register here. Registrants will be asked to provide their first, second, and third preferences for dates. Because of the flexibility of virtual meetings, ASHP hopes to be able to increase the number of RDCs offered concurrently each day to accommodate delegates' first choices, but please do not select a day you cannot attend. Participants are strongly urged to register by Thursday, April 1, so an adequate number of meetings can be scheduled. Those registering after that date may find their choices are more limited.

By April 16, those registered for an RDC will be emailed a unique GoToWebinar link that allows access to the online conference for a specific date. Please follow the instructions in the email to participate in the webinar. To prepare for the RDCs, delegates should view the GoToWebinar orientation video and review the GoToWebinar instructions.

Delegates and alternate delegate to the ASHP House of Delegates (including ASHP Past Presidents, section and forum chairs, and fraternal delegates from the federal services) are the primary attendees at the RDCs. State affiliate presidents and executives are also encouraged to attend. Since the RDCs are being conducted virtually again this year, there is more capacity to allow alternate delegates to attend.

State and alternate delegate participation in RDCs should be coordinated by the president of the state affiliate. If you have not already discussed RDC participation by your state delegation, you should do so now. If a state delegate is not able to participate in an RDC, having an alternate delegate participate is strongly encouraged to ensure coverage and receipt of the information from the conference.

The House of Delegates materials will be posted on the ASHP website by early April. It is imperative that all attendees review delegate materials in advance of the RDC and bring all relevant materials to the RDC.