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ASHP Virtual Conference for Pharmacy Leaders

October 19-20, 2020

As a pharmacy leader in today's complex healthcare environment, you continue to face significant challenges. Charged with offering higher-quality pharmacy services on tighter budgets, pharmacy managers require good leadership and negotiation skills to improve current services and to implement innovative and cost-saving pharmacy programs. This conference consistently features presentations by experts on current pharmacy practice management topics.


Poster presentations are informal discussions among meeting attendees about current projects in pharmacy practice.  Poster presentations provide an excellent opportunity to pick up concepts that have been effective in other healthcare systems. Take advantage of this opportunity to network with peers, learn new skills, and tactics to enhance your practice.

Pharmacy Leaders will have the opportunity to display their innovative leadership skills, strategies, and experience by presenting a poster.

Poster Information

Upcoming Meetings

Year Location Dates
2020 Virtual Conference October 19-20
 2021 Chicago, IL  October 2021

Past Meetings

Year Location Dates
2019 Dallas, TX October 21-22
2018 Dallas, TX October 15-16
2017 Chicago, IL October 16-17
2016 Chicago, IL October 17-18
2015 Chicago, IL October 19-20
2014 Chicago, IL October 20-21
2013 Chicago, IL October 21-22
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Pharmacy Leadership Field Guide

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