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Virtual Managers' Boot Camp Workshop

January 21-22, 2021

About the Managers' Boot Camp Workshop

The 2021 Virtual ASHP Managers’ Boot Camp is designed for managers, directors, and clinical leaders who are interested in developing the skills necessary to assess environmental changes to strategically advance new services within their organizations.

This session of Managers’ Boot Camp will focus on the following core areas:

  1. Foundational knowledge of regulatory requirements.
  2. Developing a culture of service excellence.
  3. Action-oriented strategic planning – For managers to turn unforeseen crises into sustainable services and measurable outcomes.
  4. Accountability – Pharmacy finance and revenue cycle basics for leadership success.
  5. Alignment of skills and strengths – Building your team to meet the demands of tomorrow with a focus on resilience.

Learning Objectives:

After participating in this application-based activity, participants should be able to:

  • Identify challenges and opportunities in managing the compliance of regulatory requirements.
  • Apply strategies to advance pharmacy services through staff engagement, customer feedback, and effective personnel management.
  • Develop an action plan that promotes a culture of service excellence.
  • Evaluate financial and quality indicators that influence health-system administrators’ decision making processes for strategic alignment with institutional goals.
  • Summarize the value of pharmacy to the health system, to senior leadership and other stakeholders.
  • Create a business plan outline for a new or expanded service line.
  • Identify resources to promote wellbeing and resilience for all levels of staff, including oneself.

Who should attend?

  • Newly promoted leaders
  • Future managers