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What is an Advanced Program?


Working knowledge of the specific content area is suggested. Information will be presented to expand current expertise.

Why Does ASHP Assign Levels?

  • Ensure meeting attendees have the ability to evaluate and select educational sessions that best suit their level of expertise and specific educational needs
  • Improve overall meeting satisfaction

A high-level program explores the topic from the perspective of a specialist in the area.

Suggestions for Advanced Programs

  • Assume people know what you are talking about;
  • Add new information to their current knowledge base;
  • Avoid pathophysiology, background, and rationale;
  • Include controversial or provocative issues to stimulate discussion;
  • Offer interpretations rather than statement of facts;
  • Provide new information or research that is evidence-based and data driven;
  • Refer to specific studies or basic sciences;
  • Out-do yourself… take a gamble on predicting a new trend or success.

If you have a non-pharmacist as a speaker (especially if they have not spoken at a meeting like ours) suggest to them to present as if they were presenting to physicians or C-suite level hospital administrators.

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