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Kuldip Patel

Kuldip Patel


Associate Chief Pharmacy Officer

Duke University Hospital

Durham, North Carolina

His Story

 Dr. Patel received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from The University of Toledo, Toledo, OH in 2001. In 2002, he pursued and completed an ASHP accredited 2-year residency in Pharmacy Practice Management at Medical University of South Carolina in 2004. Since then, Dr. Patel has held positions at large community health systems as Operations Coordinator (Orlando Health) and Assistant Director of Pharmacy (Hospital Corporation of America, Inc.). Dr. Patel is actively involved in the ASHP and its state affiliate, North Carolina Association of Pharmacists (NCAP) in the health-system forum. Dr. Patel was selected to be on the United States Pharmacopeial (USP) Convention Expert Panel Subcommittee. He also serves as a member of Hospital Section of FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation).

Currently, Dr. Patel serves as an active member of the Pharmacy Practice Managers Section Advisory Group, Management of the Pharmacy Enterprise. 

Overview of Facility/Health System

 Duke University Hospital is a 957-bed academic medical center, part of an integrated health system composed of over 7,000 employees. Duke University Health System is composed of three acute care hospitals, comprehensive primary care services, home care and hospice, diagnostics, and health and wellness. Duke University Hospital is the flagship hospital which includes the Duke Cancer Institute as well as a Children's Hospital. The hospital staff collaborates to perform over 37,000 surgical procedures, manage 67,000 ED visits, and discharge 45,000 patients annually. Over 1.2 million outpatients are serviced annually at Duke University Hospital.

Significant Projects 

Dr. Patel has been involved in leading the pharmacy value analysis team over the past three years. This team was an essential part of the organization's effort to transform the future of the Duke University Health System. The project involved collaborating with pharmacists, providers, and nurses to generate innovative ideas in order to reduce drug expenses and improve utilization of medications across the health system. Execution of the supply chain and utilization initiatives is conservatively estimated to generate over $10 million in cost savings over a 5-year period. Dr. Patel has also been responsible for coordinating efforts on improving compliance with the USP General Chapters 797 and 800. He chairs the health system oversight committees to ensure compliance with the regulatory standards affecting pharmacy operations. In his past experiences, he has managed small and large-scale capital projects, including technology implementation, building new pharmacies, and spearheading medication safety improvement initiatives. 

Advice for Someone New to Your Specialty Area

 "It is essential to keep abreast of new information and policies affecting practice changes. Early notification and communication with stakeholder is key to gaining financial and personnel resources necessary to successfully execute projects. Equally important is maintaining trusting and positive relationships with all partners, including nurses, providers, pharmacy staff, ancillary staff and business partners.  Being a responsible steward of your company builds trust and credibility. Lastly, having the willingness to genuinely listen, understand, and being decisive are key to personal and professional success." 

Initial Involvement in ASHP

 Dr. Patel became involved with ASHP in 2001. Over the years, Dr. Patel has been involved in numerous Section Advisory Groups (SAG), starting off his involvement as a member of the New Practitioners Communications Committee.  After this work, he continued his involvement in former sections including the SAG on Financial Management and Reimbursement for two years, then participating in the SAG on Quality and Compliance for the subsequent two years. 

Value of ASHP

 "Personally, ASHP has been a brain trust for many of the responsibilities and decisions I have had to make in my work and career. ASHP has directly or indirectly provided me with the knowledge, tools, and support structure essential for a successful pharmacist and health care worker. The tremendous network of colleagues and developing many life-long, trusted friendships has been an invaluable privilege afforded by ASHP."

"In my personal opinion and experience, ASHP is the sponsor and guarantor of our profession. Without the seeds sown by ASHP in the form of the profession's vision, developing practice standards, education and training tools, public health policies, representation of members, and the overarching leadership in all contemporary activities affecting the health of our profession, we (pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and support staff) would not have the trust and respect we currently get from health care professionals and the public. Over the years, I have constantly observed the ASHP leaders and staff fiercely out there scraping every thought, opinion, and idea from the members and outside stakeholders in order to maintain a strong professional presence and engagement in the health and well-being of our patients. I value ASHP's vision and the supporting activities that lead our profession on a positive and progressive path, enabling improvements in healthcare."