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Member Spotlight Gallery

1/4/2021 New Practitioner

John Hill

Division Director, Central Pharmacy

12/17/2019 New Practitioner

Ashley Duty

Clinical Pharmacy Operations Manager

1/9/2019 New Practitioner

Joshua Fleming

Clinical Associate Professor

1/1/2018 New Practitioner

Stephen J. Davis

Pharmacy Manager

5/15/2017 New Practitioner

Calvin Ice

Reasons for selecting this career path Clinical shadowing experiences in an ICU as a pharmacy intern accelerated my interests in both infectious diseases and critical care. My student rotations solidified my desire to pursue PGY1 residency and ultimately complete a PGY2 residency in critical care as

5/15/2017 New Practitioner

Grayson Peek

Reasons for selecting this career pathAs a pharmacy student, I was first exposed to pharmacy administration through an internship at a large academic medical center. This was a defining moment in my career, as it was then that I learned I could combine my interests in leadership with pharmacy practi

5/15/2017 New Practitioner

Norman Fenn III

Reasons for selecting this career path Pediatrics has always been a passion of mine, so this has been my career direction for some time.  When I was a student, I was also approached by some faculty about considering academia as a career path, which is when I discovered that my interests of pediatric

5/15/2017 New Practitioner

Caroline Sierra

Reasons for selecting this career path I was interested in academic pharmacy when I started pharmacy school, but my interest in pediatric pharmacy was sparked during my clinical rotations during as a student pharmacist. I enjoy the different disease states, the focus on pharmacokinetics and pharmaco

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