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Member Spotlight Gallery

2/27/2017 New Practitioner

Denise Kelley

Internal Medicine Pharmacy Specialist

1/9/2017 New Practitioner

Brandon Shank

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist

10/24/2016 New Practitioner

Indrani Kar

Drug Policy/Formulary Pharmacist

4/28/2016 New Practitioner

Christina Martin

Director of Membership Forums

4/28/2016 New Practitioner

Andrew Mays

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist

5/12/2015 New Practitioner

Sean Chantarapanont

Clinical Pharmacy Manager

1/7/2015 New Practitioner

Katherine Palmer

Sterile Products Area Supervisor, Department of Pharmacy Services

9/14/2014 New Practitioner

Jonathan Girnys

PGY2 Health System Pharmacy Administration Resident

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