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12/5/2018 Specialty Pharmacy Practice

Steven C. Zabriski

Steven’s Story As Senior Director, Payer Strategies at Apexus, LLC, Steven Zabriski is a key contributor to the successful growth of Acentrus Specialty, a unique specialty pharmacy solution representing 60+ prestigious health systems and top academic medical centers across the U.S. Steven coordi

11/26/2018 State Affiliate

Illinois Council of Health-System Pharmacists- (ICHP)

Student Leadership Retreat

11/6/2018 Specialty Pharmacy Practice

Karen Chin

Karen’s Story As Director, National Specialty Pharmacy Services at Kaiser Permanente (KP), Karen Chin provides leadership and management of KP National Specialty Pharmacy Program and Services (KPNSP) to assure consistent high levels of performance in pharmaceutical/clinical care, service, and oper

10/4/2018 Inpatient Care Practitioner

Ryan Mills

Pharmacy Manager

10/4/2018 Ambulatory Care Practitioner

Rebecca Kavanagh

Assistant Professor, HIV Clinical Pharmacist

10/3/2018 Specialty Pharmacy Practice

JoAnn Stubbings

JoAnn’s Story As Associate Director, Specialty Pharmacy Services at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy, JoAnn Stubbings operates a comprehensive specialty pharmacy that serves patients, employees, and students of the University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences Syste

10/1/2018 Ambulatory Care Practitioner

South Peninsula Hospital

Innovative Practice

9/17/2018 Pharmacy Technician

Suzette Porter

Why I Do What I Do I've been a pharmacy technician for almost 30 years and, during that time, I have worked in various roles as a technician. All of my roles helped shape my knowledge of pharmacy and created a depth of experience in pharmacy that has been essential to my management role. I've also

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