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4/2/2020 Specialty Pharmacy Practice

Jodi Fredericks

Her Story Dr. Fredericks is the Director of Pharmacy Trade Relations and Business Development at Memorial Healthcare System in Hollywood, Florida.  Dr. Fredericks has been with Memorial Healthcare System for over fifteen years, where she has also served as the Pharmacy Safety & Medication Officer, D

4/2/2020 Ambulatory Care Practitioner

Tampa General Hospital

Tampa General Hospital

4/2/2020 Pharmacy Practice Leadership

Michael Peters

Pharmacy Business Manager

4/2/2020 Ambulatory Care Practitioner

Brent Sokola

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist

3/19/2020 Featured SSHP

D'Youville College of Pharmacy

Buffalo, NY

3/19/2020 Pharmacy Technician

Jennifer L Stewart

Why I Do What I Do I want to be proud. Many of us were raised to complete high school then college and then get a job. I didn't just want a job. I wanted a career that I enjoyed and was rewarded both emotionally and hopefully financially if I succeeded. I have seen lives changed and impacted by what

3/19/2020 Featured SSHP

University of Georgia College of Pharmacy

Athens, GA

3/19/2020 Featured SSHP

Keck Graduate Institute

Claremont, CA

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