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9/17/2018 Pharmacy Technician

Suzette Porter

Why I Do What I Do I've been a pharmacy technician for almost 30 years and, during that time, I have worked in various roles as a technician. All of my roles helped shape my knowledge of pharmacy and created a depth of experience in pharmacy that has been essential to my management role. I've also

9/10/2018 Pharmacy Technician

Cynthia Nicholson-Jones

Why I Do What I Do I always knew I wanted to pursue a career where I could be of service. My journey began in healthcare 15 years ago as a pharmacy technician in retail pharmacy. During my years in the retail space I have had many roles and responsibilities, starting as a registered technician exce

9/1/2018 Ambulatory Care Practitioner

Fei Wang

Associate Clinical Professor

9/1/2018 Inpatient Care Practitioner

Nathan Cookson

Clinical Pharmacist

8/29/2018 Pharmacy Technician

Jessica Fulton

Why I Do What I Do I have always had a love for helping people, but I didn't know a part-time summer job when I was a teenager would turn into a career! Being a technician is very rewarding and I've had years of wonderful experiences creating lasting friendships with co-workers and patients alike.

8/16/2018 Opioid Management

Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL

Interdisciplinary medication disposal in a post-surgical setting Overview The pharmacy department has partnered with a physician champion and others as part of an interdisciplinary project to provide a mechanism for medication disposal in a post-surgical setting. Patients are encouraged to return

8/16/2018 Opioid Management

Riverside Health System, Newport News, VA

Improving the safety and effectiveness of postoperative pain management Overview In August 2017, our organization joined a CMS HIIN focused on improving the safety and effectiveness of postoperative pain management. Five acute care facilities within the organization are participating in this perfo

8/16/2018 Opioid Management

Cone Health Greensboro, NC

Pharmacist-driven multimodal analgesia initiative to decrease PCA opioid use in patients with total knee replacement  Overview The literature shows that historically, older orthopedic patients often require lower opioid doses in comparison to those given to younger patients. Utilizing patient-contr

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