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2/4/2019 Pharmacy Practice Leadership

David Hager

Director, Clinical Pharmacy Services

1/9/2019 Ambulatory Care Practitioner

Seena Haines

Director of Clinical Programs & Population Health

1/9/2019 New Practitioner

Joshua Fleming

Clinical Associate Professor

1/9/2019 Pharmacy Informaticist

Thomas Cooley

Director of Pharmacy Informatics and Support Services

1/9/2019 Inpatient Care Practitioner

Joanne Kowiatek

Oncology Consultant Pharmacist

1/9/2019 Clinical Specialist and Scientist

Christopher Betz

Professor, Department of Clinical & Administrative Sciences

1/9/2019 Pharmacy Practice Leadership

Cynthia Williams

Vice President/Chief Pharmacy Officer

12/19/2018 Opioid Management

Virginia Mason Medical Center, Seattle, WA

Taking on Opioids: Establishing an Organizational Initiative Case Overview In 2017, the Virginia Mason Medical Center launched an initiative called Taking on Opioids. This collaborative effort involves all patient care disciplines within the organization including ambulatory, surgery, inpatient, and

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