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1/6/2020 Pharmacy Technician

Vanessa Elliott

Why I Do What I Do Patient care is at the heart of everything I do. When sterile compounding isn't done properly, patients suffer. I believe patients need and deserve a strong advocate for their care from beginning to end, and that includes the medications we prepare for them. Our patients ar

1/6/2020 Ambulatory Care Practitioner

Silu Zuo

Clinical Pharmacist - Ambulatory Care

1/6/2020 Pharmacy Technician

Kathleen Forbis

Why I Do What I Do I started going through the prerequisite courses for nursing school, and one of my classes was Pharmacology. I was so intrigued by the course that I got a job in a retail pharmacy. From there my interest increased; I got my associates degree in Pharmacy Technology, taught pa

12/17/2019 Ambulatory Care Practitioner

Barbara Petroff

Certified Accreditation Consultant

12/17/2019 Clinical Specialist and Scientist

Jill Bates

Oncology Precision Therapeutics Pharmacist

12/17/2019 Inpatient Care Practitioner

Emily Alexander

Independent Consultant

12/17/2019 Pharmacy Informaticist

Barbara Giacomelli

Vice President, Advisory Services

12/17/2019 Pharmacy Practice Leadership

James Hoffman

Chief Patient Safety Officer, Associate Member, Pharmaceutical Sciences

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