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Member Spotlight Gallery

2/1/2017 Ambulatory Care Practitioner

Gloria Sachdev

President and CEO

2/1/2017 Inpatient Care Practitioner

Noelle Chapman

Pharmacy Manager

2/1/2017 Clinical Specialist and Scientist

Linda Gore Martin

Professor Emeritus, Social and Administrative Pharmacy

2/1/2017 Pharmacy Practice Management

Robert Granko

Director of Pharmacy

2/1/2017 Pharmacy Informaticist

Allen Flynn

Research Analyst

1/9/2017 New Practitioner

Brandon Shank

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist

11/28/2016 Pharmacy Informaticist

Julie Pawola

Clinical Pharmacist

11/18/2016 Clinical Specialist and Scientist

Nancy Hope Goodbar

Assistant Dean for Professional and Student Affairs, and Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice

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