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7/30/2018 Pharmacy Technician

Karen L. Hamm

Why I Do What I Do The opportunity to help others has made this a rewarding career path. I also appreciate that in this field you are continually learning, and I enjoy sharing the knowledge I gain with new technicians.   Latest Accomplishment Implementing a Technician Professional Ladder that allo

7/30/2018 Pharmacy Technician

Mark Lanasa

Why I Do What I Do I have always had the desire to work in the healthcare profession since middle and high schools, so that I could help others and feel like I am helping to make a difference in their lives. Initially I was unsure of what specialty I should focus my attention on, but my first job o

7/23/2018 Pharmacy Technician

Cassi Prosper

Why I Do What I Do I have been blessed to have worked for a retail chain for more than 15 years. I have helped many through some very tough times in their lives and shared in some of their most joyous moments as well. I have been an advocate for my patients through cancer, addiction, and many other

7/23/2018 Pharmacy Technician

Tiffani Neubel-Johnson

Why I Do What I Do The passion to do this is fueled by my family history, my career journey, and my life as a patient. My parents’ highest level of education was high school. My mother completed high school; however, my father dropped out at the age of 15. As a result, I had no guidance through hig

7/23/2018 Pharmacy Technician

Jillian M. Ingram

Why I Do What I Do I have been a pharmacy technician for close to 12 years, with 7 of those years being in retail pharmacy. When I first began my career as a pharmacy technician, I had every intention of either continuing my education to become a pharmacist or a nurse. I ended up going to nursing s

7/17/2018 Pharmacy Technician

Rebekah Miehlke

Why I Do What I Do I love what I do! I always wanted to work in healthcare, and in high school I was given the chance to work in a pharmacy and I was hooked. I have had the opportunity to work in retail, inpatient pharmacy, long-term care, specialty pharmacy, home infusion pharmacy, as well as supe

7/1/2018 Pharmacy Practice Leadership

Brad Cook

Director-Pharmacy Services

7/1/2018 Inpatient Care Practitioner

Ryan Rodriguez

Clinical Assistant Professor

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