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5/1/2018 Pharmacy Technician

Q'iana Sellers

Why I Do What I Do Simply put, I love the field of pharmacy and educating the next generation of pharmacy and healthcare professionals. In my 20 years as a pharmacy technician, I gained a great amount of pharmacy knowledge and learned a lot of lessons as a professional. I feel obligated to pass it

4/16/2018 Pharmacy Technician

Denise Propes

Why I Do What I Do I love being involved in research. You are helping someone who is suffering from a serious illness and may not have any other options for treatment. It is extremely rewarding when I see a TV commercial or magazine ad for a drug that we trialed that has now been approved and is co

4/16/2018 Pharmacy Technician

Diane Halvorson

Why I Do What I Do Throughout my years of service to the profession, I have identified the need for standardization of pharmacy technicians in the nation. Such standardization would ensure a baseline knowledge of those working in the pharmacy. At the end of the day, this would be the best way to se

4/13/2018 Pharmacy Technician

Julie Lanza

Why I Do What I Do The opportunity for personal and professional growth on a daily basis is why I do what I do. Each day is different, offering both challenges and the opportunity for helping others.  Latest Accomplishment The Governor appointed me to the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Pharm

4/13/2018 Pharmacy Technician

Zachary Tolman

Why I Do What I Do I started in retail pharmacy and aspired to be a pharmacist. I excelled at solving complex problems, many of which involved insurance and billing. Late 2014 I shifted to a health-system setting. I loved being encouraged to focus on the patients rather than numbers. I joined and n

4/13/2018 Pharmacy Technician

Janet McGregor Liles

Why I Do What I Do I do what I do because I am passionate about advancing pharmacy technology. The education and training of technicians give a solid foundation to build a rewarding career. Latest Accomplishment I have volunteered to co-survey pharmacy technician programs.  A successful survey pro

4/10/2018 Ambulatory Care Practitioner

University of Louisville Physicians: Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition

University of Louisville Physicians: Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition

4/6/2018 Pharmacy Technician

Cindy Jeter

Why I Do What I Do I wanted a career where I could serve others. I was interested in healthcare but knew nursing wasn’t for me. When I saw an opportunity in pharmacy at my local hospital, I jumped at the chance. I love my job not only for the opportunity to help patients, but I can help my co-worke

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