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12/10/2020 Featured SSHP

University of Houston College of Pharmacy

Houston, TX

12/10/2020 Pharmacy Technician

Christa Clay

Why I do what I do: PTCB’s mission is to advance patient care by certifying qualified pharmacy technicians in all practice settings. I am proud to use the knowledge I’ve gained in my twenty years of experience as a technician to contribute to that mission, and to offer other pharmacy technicians opp

12/10/2020 Pharmacy Technician

Joanie MacIntosh

Why I do what I do: On-the-job training was the education for technicians at the time I started working as a technician. I think my original thought was I would find a different career path. But, here it is 40 plus years, and I do have a bona-fide career as a Pharmacy Technician. I am fortunate that

12/7/2020 Pharmacy Practice Leadership

Ricky Ogden

Assistant Director of Pharmacy

12/4/2020 Pharmacy Informaticist

Karl Renius

Clinical Pharmacist Specialist, Analytics

12/3/2020 Inpatient Care Practitioner

Colleen Teevan

System Manager for Pharmacy Clinical Integration

12/2/2020 Pharmacy Educator

Brent Thompson

Professor of Pharmacy Practice

12/2/2020 Clinical Specialist and Scientist

Nicole Omecene

Assistant Professor

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