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NPF Executive Committee Message April 2020

Claire Latiolais,
Pharm.D., M.S.

April 2020

Hello New Practitioners - March 19th marked the first day of spring! With the outbreak of COVID-19, it has not seemed like the beautiful spring we have anticipated. Whether you are at home or work, this time has proven to be stressful for us all. 

The New Practitioners Forum encourages you to try to keep as much normalcy in your life as possible, while abiding with the CDC recommendations. This new season also signals upcoming transitions for many new practitioners. Some are preparing for their second year of residency. Others are pursuing fellowship or taking the dive into their first clinical or administrative roles. There are also those of us, like myself, who are transitioning out of the Forum and finding our ASHP Section homes. Let us not forget about the soon-to-be new practitioners who will be entering NPF upon their 2020 graduation from a College/School of Pharmacy. No matter where you are, with this change comes the opportunity for growth and time for reflection. As such, I would ask you to consider the following:

  1. Stay up-to-date with ASHP’s Coronavirus Resource Center. There are many resources available for health-systems on this page.
  2. This time of uncertainty is a good time to utilizing the resources ASHP has available for New Practitioners.
    • Try out the Headspace App, available for free to all ASHP members to help your mental health during this time of intense stress.
    • Make sure to check out the ASHP New Practitioners Forum home page when you have a chance. We have a variety of resources specifically aimed at addressing the topics of job preparation, research, networking, career development, mentoring and preceptor development.
    • Specifically, we have a whole page dedicated to career transitions for both residents and new practitioners.
    • If you're preparing for a BPS exam, ASHP has you covered! Check out the variety of preparatory and re-certification materials available for all board specialties.
  3. Interested in becoming more involved with the New Practitioners Forum? There are six advisory groups available. All of us on the executive committee can attest to the amazing experience we have had while serving on the New Practitioners Forum. The application deadline is May 1st – please check out the advisory group page to apply.

Do you have any ideas for how the New Practitioners Forum can continue to provide resources for your upcoming career transitions? Message me, Claire Latiolais, on ASHP Connect or email and let’s get the conversation going!

Claire Latiolais, Pharm.D., M.S.
NPF Executive Committee 
University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy