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NPF Executive Committee Message March 2018

John D. Hill
Pharm.D., M.S., BCPS

March 2018

Hello New Practitioners,

As we begin our pharmacy careers, we are often presented with many opportunities that can help us learn, grow, and develop ourselves both personally and professionally. Getting involved professionally can be intimidating for new practitioners, but it can also provide an avenue toward continued development. ASHP provides a variety of opportunities for New Practitioners to get involved.

Active membership in one of the many ASHP groups is one of the best and most fulfilling professional opportunities that New Practitioners can pursue. Participating in the New Practitioner Forum, through the NPF Executive Committee, NPF Advisory Groups, and Councils, Committees, and Commissions provides an avenue for leadership development. In addition, if you are looking to share your work and further develop your writing or editing skills, consider submitting an article to AJHP or the AJHP Resident Edition or volunteering as an AJHP Reviewer. The ASHP CV Review Program is a great way to give back by reviewing other CVs. The review program also allows you to receive feedback on your own CV as you progress through your pharmacy career. A big thank you to new practitioners who have served as past CV reviewers.

Meeting and conference attendance also helps to contribute to personal and professional development for New Practitioners and established pharmacists alike. The ASHP Midyear Meeting is the largest ASHP event, offering educational sessions and poster presentation opportunities for all pharmacists, New Practitioners included. Additional meeting opportunities include the ASHP Summer Meetings and the Conference for Pharmacy Leaders. All of these provide opportunities to network and learn best-practices, which can be applied at your institution. As many New Practitioners transition into serving as preceptors, additional educational programming is provided through the National Pharmacy Preceptor Conference. In addition, New Practitioners also have opportunities for involvement within their state or local health-system pharmacy societies. Not sure where to start? Check out the new practitioner benefits of getting involved with a state affiliate.

Getting involved early in our careers as New Practitioners enables us to develop strong personal and professional networks, as well as, refine crucial skills in lifelong learning to optimize patient care.


John D. Hill, Pharm.D., MS, BCPS
Vice Chair, ASHP New Practitioner Forum Executive Committee

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