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NPF Executive Committee Message March 2020

Carolyn Magee

March 2020

Hello New Practitioners! The ASHP New Practitioners Forum Executive Committee hopes that you are looking ahead to spring 2020. Many of you may be looking to obtain your first post-residency position, transition into a PGY2, or settling in to your pharmacist role. With this often comes a new role as precepting.  In my role, I am super fortunate to have the opportunity to precept students and residents. When I first started precepting learners, I needed a few resources to help get me started.  

ASHP has a whole page of Preceptor Resources. There are resources specific to precepting residents  and students. The resident resources include preceptor development resources and resident development resources that feature many articles and webinars. My favorite are the resources on layered learning and how to best precept multiple residents at a time

The student specific preceptor resources include: sample project lists, rotation syllabi, clerkship manual, schedules, evaluations, and patient care evaluation forms. Additionally, there is a “Busy Day Toolkit” that provides beneficial learning activities for students to complete when your day may get a little crazier than expected. 

If you are a resident or student, there are also great resources on how to provide constructive feedback to a preceptor.

If you are interested in learning more about precepting check out the National Pharmacy Preceptors Conference

Do you have any ideas for how the New Practitioners Forum can continue to provide resources for your precepting needs? Message me, Carolyn Magee, on ASHP Connect or email and let’s get the conversation going!

Carolyn A. Magee, Pharm.D., BCCCP
Member, New Practitioners Forum Executive Committee